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A ward of polio victims, incarcerated inside "iron lungs" in 1950s America. Many are children, their lungs paralysed, unable to breathe unaided. Thanks to vaccination, no-one has caught polio in the UK since the 1980s.

Roald Dahl with his beloved daughter, Olivia, who died, aged 7, from measles. He wrote:
“'Are you feeling all right?' I asked her.
'I feel all sleepy,' she said.
In an hour, she was unconscious.
In twelve hours she was dead."

Cervical Cancer:

In the last decade, the new HPV vaccine has caused an astonishing 90% fall in rates of pre-cancerous cells in vaccinated young women.


A horrific disease, now eradicated, thanks to vaccination. Its mortality rate was 30% - and even higher in babies. Survivors had extensive skin scarring. Many were left blind.